Tuesday, July 12, 2005

An easy way to save your life

This is a no-brainer, folks.

I'm out driving this afternoon, and we are hit with monsoon rainstorms. (Very, very typical for summer afternoons in North Carolina).

And despite a law that compels drivers to burn their headlights when their wipers are on, LOTS of cars don't have their lights on.

Years ago, I began burning my lights all the time. Whenever I'm driving. I make it a habit that whenever I turn on the ignition, I turn on the headlights.

Of course, it looks a little dumb in bright sunshine. But even in bright sunshine, headlights increase a car's visibility. But using your headlights in rain, storm, or whatever is a no-brainer. Even if the law in your area doesn't require it.

Put your headlights on. All the time. And save your life.

PS In the market for a new car? Car colors help with car safety, too. Think yellow or red if you can live with it. Gray, black, and dark greens are all hard to see. (I just ditched a car (red) and bought another. Bright yellow (they call it "egg-yolk") and my kids howled with laughter when they saw it, but the important thing is that it's the most visible color around. (But to be honest, I love yellow cars. I don't do much of anything for good health reasons).


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