Monday, July 11, 2005

Curing an Upset Stomach

Is your stomach hurting because you ate too much of something? Ate the wrong thing? Ate the wrong thing at the wrong time?

There is a cure. Easy and simple. If any of those apply to you, your body is signaling that something has to be done to take care of whatever you ate. The usual answer is nausea and vomiting, neither of which are fun, or pretty. Diluting your stomach contents is the better way.

Take care of it like this: drink 5 glasses of water within a 5 minute period. Even if you are not thirsty. The water should be room temperature, maybe just from the tap.

Now go about your business.

If the discomfort is still there in 30 minute, repeat the process. You will most likely feel an easing of the discomfort. You may have the sudden urge to have a bowel movement, or you may have diarrhea. But most likely the discomfort will simply go away.


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