Monday, July 11, 2005

What's this blog about?

This is about feeling good and looking good.

Specifically, I'm aiming this blog at men who are 40+ but who have decided that there's no reason they have to be fat, ugly, sick, or otherwise.

I'm a Registered Nurse (RN) but I am not conventional in my approach to health care. The most important thing you can do is take responsibility for your own health.

If you are looking for someone else to make you well, or keep you well, you will probably not be comfortable with this blog.

If -- on the other hand -- you think that you can do positive things that will keep you out of the hands of medical professionals, we just might get along.

I am opinionated and stubborn. I look for things that work. I don't believe in doing or continuing medical treatments that don't work.

Of course, I don't know your personal condition. You have to make the call as to whether or not you follow any of the suggestions I make.

Think for yourself! If something I'm saying doesn't sound right, ask yourself why it doesn't. But consider also that it just might be right.

Thanks for joining me.


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