Thursday, September 15, 2005

Never Stop Growing

Great advice from a great guy!
I've mentioned Matt Furey before, but
I wanted to pass these along today.

Most of what we think of as health
begins -- and often ends -- with right
thinking, right attitudes.

Remember that "health" is derived
from an old English word meaning

When you're in good health, you're
"whole." I can't think of a better
way of thinking about that complex
myriad of things we call "health."

"The people I admire most have
made a fundamental choice
to live life to the fullest.
There thoughts and actions convey
a belief in the saying,
"Never Stop Growing."

Continue to learn, continue
to improve you life. Continue to
look for ways to do better
with less effort.

The other day I was talking
to Vince. I've been coaching him
to become a very prosperous
Internet entrepreneur. And the
great thing about him is that
he listens, applies himself, goes
for it and comes up looking
for something else to create.

In our conversation I told
him, "In the beginning, when
you create a business the
right way, it seems like a
lot of upfront work. At
first you may not see much
reward. Then the rewards start to
come. And once that happens,
you've got the wheel rolling."

"At first you had to create
the wheel and push the wheel.
It was hard to make the wheel
move. Then, as you got the hang
of it, you could not only push
the wheel, you could push it at a fast

"After this, you realized
that you could come up to
the wheel, give it a push
kick, and it would be good
for another 100 miles."

"Then the wheel has so much
momentum that you can give it
a push with your little finger
and it's good for a couple
hundred miles."

"Yet, the ultimate is when
you're a few thousand miles
away from the wheel, it's
still moving and all you
have to do is picture it moving and
blow a little air on it
once or twice a day."

"When you hit that level,
you'll know what Zero Resistance
Living is all about. You
will have reached mastery."

Improving your life is NOT
a one-shot deal. It's an
all-the-time deal. Yet, the
great thing is that it can
always be improved, even
with seemingly little

Once you begin to understand
the awesome power of your
imagination - that's when
life becomes truly awesome,
if not magical.

How can you grow as a person
today. Go into your mind's eye and find

There's a LOT more of YOU
that can be tapped."


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