Saturday, September 10, 2005

How to Increase Your Power in Minutes

What we imagine is what comes to us.  (Think about the word literally:
we are "image-ing" something).

This is some powerful stuff, on the power of visualizing, or
imagining from a very good man. You might want to check out what
he has to say at Matt Furey.

"You probably know what I'm talking about when
I say that everyone has had the experience of being
overwhelmed with details and distractions.

In short, you and I both know what it's like to feel
totally disorganized.

But did you know that one of the primary reasons why visualization
is so powerful is because it helps you 'organize' your mind.

When you don't take time to enter the Theatre of The Mind each
day, you may often feel like a ship in rough waters without a sail.

A few minutes in your own Theatre calms the rough waters and
gives you "ship" a destination, a port to go to. And that is precisely
waht your mind wants and needs. We are happiest and have the
greatest peace of mind when we have a goal we are focused on
and working toward.

Truth is, when you begin to get organized 'internally' your external
world begins to shape up the same way.

Energy flows most powerfully when it is organized. And when a lot
of energy is organized, LOOK out. You'll not only get things done
quickly, but you'll have power and vitality when you do those things.

On the other hand, take the disorganized mind. It has a lot of energy,
too. Yet, it has little power because none of the energy is organized.
As soon as it is ... and it only takes a few moments to get mentally
organized, a power takes root in you that literally begins to rocket
launch you toward any goal you desire.

Don't believe me. That's fine. But don't believe without experimentation.

Take a moment to think about ONE THING you'd like to do today.

Then close your eyes, do some deep breathing to relax - and mentally
picture yourself doing that ONE THING. Feel what you would feel like
if you were doing that ONE THING right now.

You don't need to spend a lot of time picturing and feeling the ONE
THING either. In fact, 30-60 seconds is more than enough time if you
do it right."


  • this is the best one I have ever seen, and I have seen them all!

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