Sunday, August 28, 2005

Read the Ingredients!

You know, the other day I was looking at some things in the grocery store.

Specifically, water bottles.

Pretty dumb, right? Well, not really.

Because all bottled "water" is not alike. In fact, some of the bottled water sold contains a lot more than just water.

What kind of things? Potassium chloride. Or added sodium.

One major brand was even found to be taking tap water (yes, the stuff you get by turning on the faucet in the kitchen), bottling it, after "purifying" it, and adding a few minerals.

The lesson here? Read what's on the bottle. Know what you're getting.

Personally, I think that bottled water -- while convenient for those times when you're on the run -- is often silly and expensive. Especially if you're drinking it at home. What comes from the tap is -- in most locations -- quite pure, and usually tastes pretty good, too. But if you want bottled water, or need it for any variety of reasons, read and heed what you are getting for your money. Not to mention your health.


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