Monday, August 08, 2005

Foot Discomfort: Using Water to Bring New Life to Your Feet

Water to Help Your Feet Feel Better

We all have those days when our feet are aching. It may be that we’ve been walking all day. Or it might be that your shoes are too tight. Or it’s been hot, and you’ve been in the heat.

But whatever the reason, sometimes your feet need a rest. And water can help bring new life into your tired feet.

Our feet need some breathing space. Literally. Many people wear shoes all of the time, and some of them even wear something on their feet when they’re sleeping. As much as possible, give your feet time without shoes. Or socks. Or anything, for that matter.

I’m not suggesting that you walk outdoors with bare feet. But when you get home, and know you’re finished for the day, get rid of your shoes and socks, and let your feet rest. You will be astonished at the feeling of almost instant relief you will feel.

But to give your feet an added boost, use the healing power of water. Fill a pan (one big enough to hold both of your feet) with water. This time, the water should be slightly warmer than lukewarm, but not hot. If you have a thermometer, 120 degrees would be good. But you don’t really need a thermometer. Instead, use the test millions of mother (and some fathers, too) have used to test a baby’s food: feel it against your wrist. The skin on your wrist is sensitive, and will give you a good indication of whether the water will be uncomfortable on your feet.

In the water, dissolve a handful of plain baking soda. Now, get a towel (to wrap your feet in when you’re done) and a good book (or the TV remote control!) and you’re all set. Soak your feet for 20 or 30 minutes.

The results are amazing. In the first place, the soak will relieve tension and stress from the abuse your feet have endured all day. But the soak will also make the skin smooth and silky. It will also help to make your nails look better, and it will soften the skin around your nails. And if you do this for several days in a row, your feet will not only feel better, they will look better: all without expensive or inconvenient chemicals or treatments. And your whole body will feel better in the process.


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