Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Getting Good-Looking, Cheaply

Water on the outside

Water’s main beauty function is internal. Basically, if you are well hydrated internally, you’ve covered 90% of the beauty problems. Maybe more.

But there is a small role water plays in beauty questions. And not just for cleansing, although that is certainly a factor.

Like the story I told earlier about washing clothes without detergent, you could wash yourself quite well if you had nothing but water. Soap is certainly useful, especially if you are very dirty, but you could actually make a go for it not using any.

Soap can actually be a problem to beauty, especially if it is too harsh, and irritates the skin. There are always a few who think that if strength is a virtue in soap, even stronger must be better. Not so. You are not cleaning a car, you’re cleaning your skin. Soap should be mild, with few if any scents.

Likewise shampoo. Shampoos should be mild and gentle on your hair, and should say so. But as with soap, the water is doing most of the cleaning. The soap -- or shampoo -- is there to help.
I’m assuming that you are like most Americans, and shower every day or so. The important thing to remember is that the length of a shower is not important. It is important to get all of the soap off of your body, and all of the shampoo out of your hair. Give yourself an extra moment or so to rinse well.

Take a couple of deep breaths while you are showering. This will allow the micro-droplets of water to deeply hydrate your lungs, and will give you an invigorating sensation.

Most of us are too busy -- or think we are -- to take a bath very often. (I mean a real, sit-down, relax kind of bath). When you do, enjoy it. It’s one of the relaxing parts of life.

Many stores sell expensive bath ingredients, but the best one is the least expensive, and available anywhere: baking soda. A handful or so of plain, ordinary baking soda, poured into the running water while you’re filling the bathtub will give you a bath that will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky. It will also help to give extra cleansing to your pores.

After taking a bath or shower, if you have the time, put a lotion on your skin. This will help trap some of the external water in your skin, and keep it bright and vibrant looking


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