Sunday, July 17, 2005

A cure for Bad Breath

Using Water to get rid of bad breath

Bad breath. It’s one of those things we all suffer with from time to time. It’s also one of those things few people want to talk about, and most people are embarrassed if someone points it out to them.

Bad breath -- halitosis is the technical term for it -- is simply a bad odor coming from your mouth. Because it is literally right under our nose, we can’t smell it on ourselves, unless it is really awful. But others can. And whether some points it out to you or not, you can sometimes see the reaction on someone’s face when we get too close.

Any number of things can cause it. Sometimes it’s a result of food particles trapped in your mouth. It can also be the result of an infection in your throat, sinuses or tonsils. Or it can be a result of the body’s digesting certain substances in the stomach.

If you have bad breath, sip into action! First, get a mouthful of lukewarm tap water, and swish it around your mouth (this is to get rid of any particles that might be stuck in your teeth) and spit it out. (Actually, it wouldn’t hurt you if you swallowed the water, but most people just don’t like the idea. So, get rid of it!) If you have the chance, brush your teeth, too, although this isn’t essential.

After swishing your mouth, drink 2 to 3 glasses in a row of lukewarm water. This serves several purposes. First off, it cleans your mouth and throat. But it also gives your digestive system a boost to get rid of something in your stomach that may be disagreeing with your body. Continue drinking 2 or 3 glasses every half hour or so until the bad breath goes away.

(On this score, there’s no way to know without having someone tell you. An honest spouse is a good thing here. Or a good friend who will be forthright. But a big secret is that when people have bad breath, they often feel just not quite right. And after you’ve taken in 5 or 6 glasses of water, your body will be back in sync, and you’ll be surprised that you will feel better. And your breath will improve, too).

(to be continued tomorrow)


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