Monday, July 18, 2005

Want to Make Your Face More Young Looking? Lose the Electric Razor!

Shaving does more than get rid of the day's accumulation of your nasty beard: it makes your skin look younger.

That is ... if you use a blade razor. Electrics don't do the job.

When a blade shaves away beard, it also removes a very fine layer of skin. An electric razor does so, too, but too a much lesser extent than a blade.

Being essentially cheap, I've tried using the lower-end blades, and I've learned it's just not worth it. I don't want to have my face scarred up, and I've done that too much. So I use the Mach3 razor, which is expensive (but try checking for them on eBay) but I walk out in the morning without looking like I've been attacked.

If you're a confirmed electric razor user, get a Mach3, and try it for a month. Your face will look dramatically younger after a month. Obviously, you can't shave in the car with a blade razor like some people try to do with an electric, but then you shouldn't be doing that anyway.


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